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AWA unlocks the potential of artificial intelligence to analyse patent applications with Mindified

AWA and Mindified have announced a collaboration to explore patent applications by using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of AWA and our customers by analysing the vast amounts of data in patent applications using AI and ML.

AWA has already developed PatAlert, an insight tool based on the patent classification system and alerts users to active players and new inventions in their field of technology. The collaboration between AWA and Mindified will build upon the knowledge and strengths from PatAlert to explore further possibilities using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A number of patent applications will be evaluated over the next 12 months. The first project has started as a joint master’s thesis with two students from the Faculty of Engineering (FTH) at Lund University, Hannes Jansson and Jakob Navrozidis.

“Together with AWA, we have a unique opportunity to leverage our expertise in AI and natural language processing (NLP) and AWA’s long experience in the patent world” says Henrik Benckert, Co-Founder and CEO at Mindified.

Anders Fredriksson, European Patent Attorney and a Partner at AWA comments: “So far this joint project has been a great journey. A lot of value has been brought to the table, both regarding what can be done using machine learning and AI from a technical standpoint, but also how we can benefit from AI/ML-based tools in our daily work. We are very satisfied with all the new insights provided throughout the whole experience and we are looking forward to developing and deepening this relationship further.”

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Mindified is an experienced data and AI-solutions development partner, to learn more about them please click here.