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Standout year for AWA and AWA Asia in latest WTR 1000 rankings

AWA in Denmark and Sweden as well as AWA Asia in China have all been listed as recommended firms with several attorneys also receiving recommended individual rankings across enforcement and litigation as well as prosecution and strategy categories.

The WTR 1000 research directory, which focuses exclusively on trademark practices and practitioners, has established itself as one of the go-to resources in the market for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

World Trademark Review undertook an exhaustive qualitative research project to identify the firms and individuals that are deemed outstanding in this critical area of practice.

Below is a summary of the rankings by jurisdiction for AWA and AWA Asia:


Recommended firm for China – foreign firms.

Ai-Leen Lim listed as a recommended individual in the gold banding and Ashley Zhao listed for the first time in the bronze banding.

In the write-up for China foreign firms, WTR commented the following on AWA Asia’s practice:

“Going from strength to strength, year on year, AWA Asia recently expanded its trademark department and moved to a bigger office in Beijing. The one-stop shop effortlessly handles all manners of IP issues in China for a largely European clientele across industries and wins accolades for providing timely and thorough advice that combines analysis with practical solutions, while keeping rights holders’ overall goals and objectives in mind. Foreign associates cannot praise the side highly enough: ‘They are amazing – effective, affordable, helpful, Western-thinking in litigation and generally fabulous. They have a tremendous knowledge of all aspects of IP law and understand what US in-house teams want and need; they cut to the chase and give me a gut check on issues or a quick and dirty analysis of a situation.’

“Master IP strategist Ai-Leen Lim helms the IP practice and is lauded for her practical advice and for always fighting for her clients. ‘Ai-Leen is a warm and caring person with exceptional listening skills, but she is also tough as nails with the opposing counsel and a pit bull of an IP rights enforcer. This rare combination of genuine warmth, toughness and legal acumen makes her so effective.’ ‘A talented, knowledgeable and dedicated practitioner, Ai-Leen is creative, practical and very strategic. She understands the Western mindset and thinks like a business person as well as a lawyer.’ ‘She always has a solution for every single matter. I have decided never to change our Chinese agent!’ WTR 1000 debutante Ashley Zhao is a solid partner, providing ‘valued and trusted counsel’ with a clear legal basis. ‘She always responds with spot-on advice, making me feel like she really values the business and partnership. I know that my matters are in excellent hands.’”


Recommended firm for Denmark in the silver banding.

Anette Rasmussen listed as a recommended individual for enforcement and litigation in the silver banding as well as for prosecution and strategy, where she is joined by Claus Marcussen and for the first time this year Janne Britt Hansen.

In the write-up for Denmark, WTR commented the following on AWA’s practice:

“‘Competitive on price without compromising on quality, AWA always delivers. It places an emphasis on getting to know its patrons’ industries inside out, communicates with them effectively and brings matters to a swift and successful close as a result.’ The Danish contingent of the cosmopolitan outfit doles out A-to-Z brand protection services and is captained by Anette Rasmussen. In the words of one enthusiastic service user, ‘she is a true IP leader in Scandinavia. You can always depend on her to give clear and straightforward advice, which is backed by immense legal knowledge. We simply would not use anyone else for our work.’

“For multi-jurisdictional prosecution work, Claus Marcussen is a smart choice. Well-versed in Chinese, EU and US trademark legislation, ‘analytical and commercially minded, Claus knows which route to take to achieve an optimum solution. Also, his recommendations are accompanied by really helpful, short and smart summaries.’ Joining them in the ranks this year is Janne Britt Hansen, ‘a responsive, business-oriented and friendly’ trademark attorney who excels in opposition proceedings.”


Recommended firm for enforcement and litigation in the silver banding and for prosecution and strategy in the gold banding.

Magnus Hallin and Kristian Martinsson continue to be ranked for prosecution and strategy with Lars Pettersson joining them for the first time this year, who was also ranked for enforcement and litigation in the silver banding.

“‘Swift, accessible and impressive,’ AWA’s presence on the global IP scene is undeniable. With 12 offices in Sweden alone, it also maintains a strong foothold in Denmark and Germany, as well as Beijing and Hong Kong. Its set-up is perfect for those looking to establish and protect their brands throughout Europe. ‘Full of energy and solution oriented, Kristian Martinsson always has a trick up his sleeve. He uses his stellar analytical abilities to manage portfolios with finesse and get copycats off the market.’

“Through collaboration with Yellow Brand Protection and the acquisition of domain name consultancy Dotkeeper, the unit has taken its enforcement efforts online too. The man behind this move is CEO Magnus Hallin. His calculated approach and strong decision making are appreciated by clients as well as the AWA ensemble. He is joined by versatile WTR 1000 newcomer Lars Pettersson. ‘Pragmatic and efficient without compromising on expertise and good judgement – his advice is world class.’”

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