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AWA, Mindified and Lund University form strategic alliance within legal tech

Leading intellectual property firm AWA, AI solutions provider Mindified and Lund University have launched a joint initiative called AIIP (Artificial Intelligence in Intellectual Property). The collaboration will take an active role in shaping the future of legal tech in southern Sweden by exploring the opportunities of artificial intelligence within intellectual property.

AIIP’s mission is to drive the usage of AI within IP management through joint research and experimental efforts seeking out how data can create more value for both owners of intellectual property as well as professionals within the industry. The main focus of the collaboration between industry, researchers and students from Lund University will be on the exploration and development of cutting-edge tools within this field of legal tech.

Formalising AIIP is not just something that serves AWA, Mindified and Lund University, but rather the community as a whole. With AIIP we have the opportunity to collaborate and do research with different stakeholders that have an interest in the area of legal tech in a more structured and transparent way.

“When it comes to the research, we have a hands-on approach with the intention that the results produced within AIIP will not only have scientific use but foremost a practical one,” says Fredrik Edman from the department of Electrical and Information Technology representing Lund University.

“Our goal is to help companies reach new levels of innovation and protection, developing not only services that have a direct impact on an IP portfolio – but also digitalising the day-to-day work at IP consultancy firms – and in that way creating value for both the end customer as well as everyone working within the industry,” says Henrik Aurell representing AWA.

“Our vision is to make the latest AI technology available to new industries. The cooperation with the IP industry and academia allows us to explore new ideas and business cases to help accelerate the transition to new ways of working in intellectual property management. AIIP will be a great place to meet to share knowledge and experience in the IP-community, “says Henrik Benckert representing Mindified.

The idea and first steps towards forming the strategic alliance were taken during a series of joint Master Thesis projects a couple of years back where different algorithms were investigated and tested for novel ways of doing qualitative searches in large amounts of patent data.

Moreover, just as it started, AIIP will keep a hands-on focus in the future, as well as the ambition of sharing the development with the community. Even though the initiative is just being launched, AIIP has already received great interest from students and stakeholders who want to be involved in and a part of this collaborative network.

For everyone interested, AIIP offers an open network for companies working within the field of artificial intelligence and IP, opportunities for students to make master thesis projects within the area of legal tech and AI, as well as the possibility for collaboration with companies who want to explore specific challenges within intellectual property management.

Get connected and learn more about AIIP by visiting our website www.aiip.se.


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About AWA:

AWA is a leading intellectual property firm with 350 employees across 19 offices in Europe, China & Hong Kong. Our clients are innovative companies, ranging from local start-ups to global giants. We supply a full-service offering in prosecution, dispute litigation, aftermarket services, legal advice, strategy, and commercialization. Our IP professionals are experts in patents, trademark, design, copyright, and domain names – all as passionate about your innovations and brands as you are.

About Mindified:

Mindified is a data analysis and AI-solutions development partner founded in 2018 in Malmö. We are helping our customers to make a successful AI journey from idea to implementation and deployment. In our AI-laboratory we have all needed components and competencies to develop, train and deliver AI-solutions using a variety of models on huge data sets. Read more about Mindified at www.mindified.com.

About Lund University:

Lund University was founded in 1666 and is ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. The University has over 40,000 students and 8,160 staff based in the south of Sweden. We are united in our efforts to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition.