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Seven from AWA selected as the world’s leading IP strategists by IAM

AWA goes from strength to strength in the IAM Strategy 300: The World’s Leading IP Strategists this year as Sidsel Hauge, Joacim Lydén and Joëlle Van Malderen join Joakim Hammarsjö,  Thomas EwingMartin Jansson and Henrik Olsson.

The inclusion of Sidsel, Joacim and Joëlle for the first time in 2021 bring AWA’s total to seven leading IP strategists included in the guide.

The IAM Strategy 300 identifies individuals who are leading the way in the development and implementation of strategies that maximise the value of IP portfolios.

IP strategists are identified through an extensive research process involving online nominations and face-to-face and telephone interviews and email exchanges, with senior members of the global IP community.

No individual can qualify for a listing in the IAM Strategy 300 unless he or she is nominated by at least three people from outside their organisation.

IAM Strategy 300 commented the following on each of the seven individuals listed this year:

“Thomas Ewing has a refined understanding of the investment value of IP assets and demonstrates superb range, having advised all kinds of commercial, academic and government clients on strategic IP matters. Outstanding mentoring and training skills also distinguish him.”

“Joakim Hammarsjö has vast patent experience, which he has accumulated as a strategic IP lead for top corporations and as a private practice attorney. He has exceptional business intelligence which makes him a top ally to the C-suite.”

“Hailed as one of Europe’s finest patent advisers, Sidsel Hauge has been instrumental to AWA’s growth and success. She has an exceptional command of the patent procurement process, along with keen litigation and business insight.”

“Martin Jansson draws on valuable, top-level industry experience in advising AWA clients at the most meaningful strategic level. Optimal use of the right tools at the right time enables him to maximise the value of portfolios and smooth the process of its extraction.”

“Joacim Lydén consistently meets the highest standards of quality and can be relied on for the best possible results on any work matter. He has a fine-tuned understanding of IP systems in Europe and the United States, which he leverages in seizing upon strategic IP opportunities that others miss.”

“Henrik Olsson understands the ingredients of successful patent prosecution, management, licensing and litigation, as well as the finer points of global IP strategy. He maintains a commercial focus at all times and is a valued business partner to his clients.”

“Joëlle Van Malderen has a rare depth of substantive patent law knowledge and cultivated expertise in other areas of intellectual property. She secures valuable rights for her clients but does so with strategic and commercial purpose.”

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