Meet Dotkeeper - Our domain name experts

We help companies to protect, manage and develop their most important digital assets – their domain names

Dotkeeper’s vision is to be the most value-creating partner within digital asset protection. Dotkeeper and AWA have been partners since 2016, and since 2018 Dotkeeper is legally part of AWA group. Together with AWA, we provide united services for trademarks and domain names. On you can read more about how we cooperate and how we have helped some of our common clients.

Our services are tailored for global brands and company groups as well as for expanding start-ups, that value their digital presence.

Example of our domain name services:

  • Corporate Domain Management: Management of domain name portfolios to eliminate risks and increase efficiency, as well as getting a strategic overview.
  • Acquisitions of domain names: Does your client want to buy a domain name that is already registered by another party? Our experts are among the most hired acquisition consultants in Sweden.
  • SSL Certificates: Management of SSL Certificates (https) for websites. This is a rapidly growing security product that has become a must have for every website owner - also since Google and search engines boost https sites in their ranking algorithm.
  • Domain Name Monitoring: Monitoring of domain name registrations containing trademarks and names.
  • World-wide registration of domain names: We have global capacity and can manage and register all top level domains. We also provide local presence for more than 30+ countries, which in some cases is a must to register certain types of country domains.

You can find more information about us at Dotkeeper and read more about our services at

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