Peter Viberg

Patent Attorney

Peter Viberg is a Patent Attorney and holds a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and a Licentiate in Food chemistry. Peter works in various technical fields related to Chemistry, including food chemistry, microfluidics, analytical chemistry, and process chemistry. Before joining AWA in 2007, Peter's research focused on analytical chemistry applied in food chemistry and drug analysis, and he co-founded a start-up company in the field of nanotechnology. Today as a Patent Attorney Peter works with clients spanning from start-ups to large international companies.

Contact information:

Visiting address:

Ideon Gateway, Molekylvägen 10B
Lund, Sverige

Practice areas

  • Analyses & searches
  • IP Strategy
  • Patent, prosecution

Industry expertise

  • Chemistry
  • Cleantech
  • Energy, gas, oil & power
  • Food & beverage
  • Life sciences
  • Materials technology & nanotech
  • Medtech
  • Manufacturing & process technology
  • Cosmetics and hygiene
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Polymer Engineering
  • Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Prior experience

  • Research at Max-Planck Institute, Magdeburg, Germany, 2002-2003
  • Research at University of Florida, USA, 2000


  • Swedish
  • English


  • Ph.D., Analytical chemistry, LTH, 2006
  • Lic., Food chemistry, LTH, 2004 M.Sc
  • Chemical Engineering, 2001