Ledning och styrelse


Joakim Hammarsjö
Interim CEO AWA Group.

Paul-André Gollier
CEO of AWA Benelux.

Sidsel Hauge
CEO AWA Denmark and AWA Group Vice President

Kristina Walls
AWA Group Vice President and Business Area Manager Sweden.

Thomas Moreau
Chief Business Development Officer

Marc Lövgren Karlsson
Chief Digital Officer

Ai-Leen Lim
CEO and Principal Counsel AWA Asia.

Johanna Borsing
Interim Chief Human Resources Officer

Mattias Larsson
Chief Financial Officer


Nina Linander
Chairman of the Board of Directors. Professional Director of Boards. Elected 2009. Born 1959.

Ingvild Huseby
External Director. Chair/Member of Boards in Business Tech. General Partner Software Tech Growth Fund. Elected 2022. Born 1971.

Christian Lindfors
Independent Director. CEO Science Village Scandinavia AB. Elected 2017. Born 1971.

Anette Rasmussen
Partner, Attorney at Law, Team Manager Team Legal DK. Joined AWA in 2000.

Ann-Charlotte Järvinen
Co-opted Employee Representative in Board of Directors. Elected 2019. Partner, Attorney at Law, Team Manager (Stockholm).
Born 1976. Joined AWA in 2017.

Simon Markström
Director. Elected 2017. European Patent Attorney and Team Manager Jönköping. Born 1983. Joined AWA in 2010.

Charlie Liu
Internal Director. Deputy. Partner, Solicitor (Hong Kong). Joined AWA in 2018. Elected 2022. Born 1978.

Malin Larsson
Employee Representative. Deputy. Partner, European Patent Attorney, Team Patent α South, Team Advisor (Lund). Joined AWA in 1999. Elected 2022. Born 1971.

Katarina Broman
European Design Attorney, Senior Patent Paralegal, Team ChemMech West. Joined AWA in 1998.

Eva Rogge
Employee Representative. Deputy. Patent Adviser (Benelux). Joined AWA in 2019. Elected 2022. Born 1987.