WEBINAR: Effectively Navigating IP Enforcement in China: Separating Myths from Reality

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM CEST

China is a unique jurisdiction in many ways, and intellectual property is no exception. When it comes to intellectual property protection particular attention is warranted, but many myths unfortunately continue to persist.

Join Gene Quinn, Publisher and CEO of IPWatchdog, Ai-Leen Lim, CEO and Principal Counsel of AWA Asia and Xiaofan Chen, Partner and Patent Attorney at AWA Asia for a conversation about the day-to-day operational realities associated with IP enforcement in China.

In this webinar, Ai-Leen and Xiaofan will debunk myths and provide the on-the-ground reality they experience within China’s intellectual property regime. In addition to taking as many questions as possible from the audience, they will also discuss emerging trends, such as China’s pro-patentee litigation landscape, effective trade secrets protection, rapid preliminary injunctions, dealing with bad-faith trademark registrations and OEM issues.

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