Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)

The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) is a system of agreements between patent authorities. The purpose of the PPH is to increase the speed and improve the quality of the prosecution of patent applications. This is achieved in that the patent offices of two countries make a bilateral agreement to use each other's search and examination results when prosecuting analogous patent applications.

In short, the PPH means that when the patent office of one country in which the applicant has filed his patent application has found that the claims of the patent application patentable, the applicant may use this result to request accelerated prosecution at the patent office of another country in which the applicant has filed an analogous patent application.

A growing number of patent offices around the world, including the European Patent Office, are offering accelerated examination through the PPH. The patent offices of some 20 countries are furthermore participating in a Global PPH agreement aiming at simplifying the procedure.

AWA's attorneys can help you prosecute your patent applications by using PPH to obtain several advantages, including a faster prosecution and, most likely, a simpler and cheaper prosecution procedure.